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RG25: The Last Resort


After a couple weeks of free agency it was beginning to look like the latest front office for the Cleveland Browns finally made their first big signing. A young Quarterback who has had experience winning with a team that was not very good. Robert Griffin lll was once thought of as the savior of Washington, however after running one coach out of town and having multiple knee surgeries he was forced, by the team, to miss all of last year. Now after not being heavily looked at by many teams in free agency RG3 signed a 2 year deal worth $12 million with $6 million guaranteed with the Browns. Both parties have the ability to win in this deal.

There is one easy way for RG3 to win this deal. Win football games and play well in the process. Then after the two years he will either be resigned by the Browns with a bigger contract and as the face of the franchise, or he will be able to re-enter free agency and command a larger salary with another team. This opportunity that the Browns have given to RG3 is possibly the final one he will receive in the NFL.

The Browns have already started winning this deal from the moment RG3 signed it. This is because the $6 million in guaranteed money is all in the first year so if the RG3 experiment does not work out they can cut him after a year. However if the deal does work out then the Browns may have just found their franchise QB at a minimal cost for the first two years of his time in Cleveland. Plus even if it does not work out between the two parties, it would give the QB they draft this year, they still need to draft a QB this year, at least a year to learn the offense and to get bigger, quicker and stronger without taking a year or two of NFL bruising to damage his confidence. If you want to see examples of a QB being played too soon look no further that the 1999 Browns with Tim Couch, or the expansion Texans with Derek Carr.

In every deal made in NFL free agency there is a chance it could end poorly, however there is also the same amount of chance that it could be a great thing for both sides. It may take a year or two to figure it out and the fans of the team must hope the players and coaches are given the time to figure everything out before they are let go.