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Charging Towards a New Era

The Los Angeles Chargers. Nearly a week after the Spanos family announced they would be taking their team to Los Angeles the name still does not seem quite right. Maybe that has something to do with the new logo that seems to appear every other day. While the fans of San Diego will be rightly upset that their Chargers are now gone, there is one big place they must look at when placing the blame on this relocation, themselves. They Chargers tried for years to get the city to assist in renovating or replacing the outdated Qualcomm Stadium, but to no avail. After many threats of relocation it has finally happened, and I believe the franchise could really benefit from the move.

The first reason relocation is going to benefit this organization is their selection of stadium. The Chargers will be playing at the Stubhub Center in Carson, California which is currently home to MLS club LA Galaxy. This stadium will be the smallest in the NFL with only about 30,000 seats, but this will be great for the atmosphere at games. This is because it is a true soccer facility which places the fans very close to the field and will make the stadium feel as if there are 80,000 people inside. Another advantage to fewer seats is that it creates more of a demand for the tickets which means they can charge more for them. The Stubhub Center is also a much newer facility which means it will keep fans happier at games even if the team is a train-wreck.

The next reason the move will be beneficial for the franchise is the location of Stubhub Center. Carson is in the suburbs of Los Angeles which will make travel to games easier than it would be to go see the Los Angeles Rams, still not used to this name despite it being almost a year, at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum which is inside the city. This makes even Thursday night games a better drive as you will not have to waste as much time to drive into the city for a game.

The final reason the move can be a successful one for the team is it presents the chance to rebrand the team. Now that the team is in a new city, it would seem like they could use a new name. For the last 57 years the Chargers name has been attributed to the San Diego area so one would think that to set themselves apart the franchise would select a new name and new colors. Part of a rebranding should include the on field product and that starts with the coach. Shortly after announcing their move, the Chargers also announced the hiring of Anthony Lynn to fil the vacancy at head coach. He is lucky in the sense that he has a franchise quarterback to build around, however Philip Rivers is aging and has shown that he can struggle at the end of seasons. This may lead to the drafting of a new quarterback in the near future. While it may not be an immediate replacement, a few years from now they will be happy they developed a young player instead of waiting until Rivers retires before bringing in a replacement.

While the transition will be difficult on fans to start with, the Chargers relocation to Los Angeles was the correct decision and ultimately will lead to greater success for the franchise.

2017 NFL Wildcard Predictions

As the 2017 NFL season comes to a close, we are left with twelve teams to fight for the right to call themselves Super Bowl Champions. While we already know that the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, and Atlanta Falcons will be playing during the second round, the battle is for the right to play against them. This weekend features the four matchups that will make up the Wildcard round.

Oakland Raiders v. Houston Texans:

This matchup features two teams with no true starting quarterback. Raiders MVP candidate Derek Carr left their Christmas Eve game with a broken leg and has been ruled out for this game. In his place steps Connor Cook, a rookie out of Michigan State with no career starts. He steps into the lineup against the top defense in the league, so if there ever was a time to impress the rest of the NFL it would be now. For the Texans, they have to go with their $70 million quarterback Brock Osweiler in this game as third year player Tom Savage is likely to be unavailable due to a concussion suffered in week 17. Osweiler, in his first year with the team, has been a substantial disappointment this season and many Texan fans will be worried with him under center. Even with the deficiencies at the most important position, I believe that the Texans defense will step it up and win the game.

Texans 13 – Raiders 9

Detroit Lions v. Seattle Seahawks:

Unlike the first matchup of wildcard weekend, the two teams featured in this game both have their franchise QBs and they are healthy to play. The way one of these teams  will win is by their defense outplaying the other. If this was a few years ago this thought would be laughable as the Seahawks would have had the upper hand, but this season their defense has looked quite vulnerable at times. The Lions pass defense has been a blessing for opposing offenses in recent weeks and unless some of their top corners can return from injury they have no chance of winning this game.

Seahawks 18 – Lions 17

Pittsburgh Steelers v. Miami Dolphins:

This game is a rematch of the week six meeting between these two teams. The Steelers defense has not looked good this season, and this culminated in week 17 when they nearly allowed the Cleveland Browns to come back and win. The big storyline in week six was their inability to stop the rushing attack generated by Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi, and it will likely be the same as the Steelers are coming off a game where they let Browns running back Isaiah Crowell rush for 150 yards. Despite Ryan Tannehill being unlikely to play in this game, and even with the Steelers offensive unit fully healthy, there is not much of a chance for the Steelers to win this game.

Dolphins 38 – Steelers 31

New York Giants v. Green Bay Packers:

The last two times these teams met at Lambeau in the playoffs, the Giants won and went on to become Super Bowl Champions. This year the Packers come in as one of the hottest teams in the league behind the resurgence of the Aaron Rodgers- Jordy Nelson tandem. However this year it will not be enough as that defense on Green Bay is still leakier than a rusty faucet. The Giants spent some money this offseason to work on their defense and it has helped dramatically. This coupled with the ability of Eli Manning to turn up his play in big games leads me to believe the New York Giants will be able to keep their Super Bowl hopes alive for another week.

Giants 27- Packers 17

Positives from a Negative

Cody Kessler steps into through with defenders bearing down on him

As week three comes to an end tonight with the Falcons, Saints rivalry game, there are some teams that look set up for success this season and there are some that appear set for another miserable year. Among the teams in the second category are perennial cellar dwellers, the Cleveland Browns. With that being said, there are some positive things with this edition of the Browns.

The first thing is the balance they have found on offense. Through three weeks they average 144.7 yards per game, which is 4th in the NFL. These yards are not just coming from handing the ball off a million times as they actually rank 2nd in the league with 5.7 yards per attempt. One thing that crippled the Browns last year was their inability to run the ball, but with this new, more experienced coaching staff in place it appears that the balance is back on this side of the ball.

Another positive from the early part of the year has been the development of ex-QB Terrelle Pryor. His size and speed were something that the receiving corps lacked last season. He worked had during the offseason to become as sure-handed as possible in order to be a top notch wideout. This was on full effect yesterday as he caught 8 passes for 144 yards against the Dolphins. That is not where his usefulness ended, as he also went 3-5 for 35 yards passing and ran for another 21 yards on 4 carries. He even played one down at safety at the end of the first half. With versatility like that, Pryor is easily one of the most dangerous players on the team.

The final positive on the offensive side of the ball came from the position with the most change already this season. Number 26 on the QB list, aka Cody Kessler, made his first career start as the

Cody Kessler calmly delivers the ball while under pressure from Dolphins defender Andre Branch

different third player to start a game under center this year. Despite this a shaky offensive line that got him pummeled almost every down, he looked calm in the pocket and took care of the ball well after his early fumble. If he can continue to withstand the hits that he will be taking then he could develop into a solid QB at a position of much turmoil for the franchise.


On the defensive side of the ball there was one really big positive. Even without star corner Joe Haden the team was able to force three turnovers and even score a touchdown. This is due in part to the lay of rookie Emmanuel Ogbah. The Oklahoma State product was in the backfield on multiple occasions and overall looked solid throughout the game. In about a month, when preseason and weeks 1 and 2 star Carl Nassib comes back from a broken hand, this will be a strong pass rush.

As the season goes on the Browns players should continue to build on these things and hopefully it will lead to some wins down the line. Under the tutelage of Hue Jackson this is likely to continue as he has experience with keeping players motivated despite shaky play.

O’er The Land of the Free

Week three of the NFL preseason always brings a lot of drama as it is the final time fringe players have to impress the coaching staff before the first round of roster cuts are made. However, that was not the main storyline that came out of this slate of games, in fact it was about a player who may not even be the starting quarterback for his team come week 1.

On week 3 San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was spotted not standing during the national anthem. The media immediately began ripping him apart for it. The interesting part is, where were all these critics during the first two games of the preseason? He was sitting during the national anthem then.

For the final week of the preseason the 49ers played in San Diego, who just happened to be holding Military Appreciation night. Kaepernick came onto the field to a chorus of boos, but held firm in his belief that he would sit for the anthem. This week was different for the onetime star quarterback as he was not the only one sitting in protest. Joined be teammate Eric Reid and Seattle defensive back Jeremy Lane, Kaepernick should now have the courage to remain sitting the rest of the season, unless of course the 49ers cut him which could be a possibility thanks in part to the lackluster performances he has turned in the past couple of seasons.

All in all this is just about as big a non-story as you will find out there for two reasons. The first is that the NFL does not mandate players stand during the pledge, so he will get no punishment from the league. The second is that he is using his first amendment rights that are one of the pillars our country was created on. So many brave men and women have died to protect our freedoms and all of a sudden people want to take these away from certain individuals just because thy don’t agree with them. This is the United States of America for heavans sakes, “The land of the FREE“. It is about time we acted like everyone has these rights instead of just those people that benefit us.

NFL Draft Day 1 Grades

The first round is over. There were some fans that should be happy and there are othersome that should be scratching their heads. There were not a whole lot of surprises but there were quite a few trades.

Pick #1.  LA Rams – A

On April 14th the Titans traded the 1st overall pick to the newlyrics relocated LA Rams. With this selection they selected Quarterback Jared Goff out of the University of California. The team has some issues but quarterback is on the list.  Jeff Fisher has not had a true #1 QB while with the Rams and this could be his chance.

Pick #2.  Philadelphia Eagles – B

On April 20th the Eagles traded with the Browns to move up to this pick. They selected Carson Wentz, QB out of North Dakota State University. Wentz is a player that knows how to win and has the potential to be a #1 QB in the NFL. Sam Bradford has not shown he is capable of being a true #1 QB so this pick know makes sense.

Pick #3. San Diego Chargers – A

The first team to pick in their assigned position was the Chargers. They selected pass rusher Joey Bosa out of Ohio State. This is not the best pick for the team, they needed an offensive lineman to help protect veteran QB Phillip Rivers. However in this pass happy league landing a talent like Bosa is not a bad decision.

Pick #4 Dallas Cowboys – C

The Cowboys selected running back Ezekiel Elliot out of Ohio State. Running backs are almost a dime a dozen especially when you have the caliber offensive line that the Cowboys have. With the holes in their defense that should have been a place they looked at for this pick. That being said, Elliot has the potential to be a difference maker and could fit in well with this team.

Pick #5 Jacksonville Jaguars – A

This was one of the best choices this team could have made. Jalen Ramsey is a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball and will help to make thus a formidable defense for years to come. The only worry should be if the team struggles because he has not been in a situation of losing a few games in a row before.

Pick #6 Baltimore Ravens – A

The Ravens selected Ronnie Stanley, Offensive tackle out of Notre Dame. This was a fantastic pick for the Ravens because they really need help along their offensive line. Since the team lost Eugene Monroe it has been a revolving door at that position and this pick should end that pattern.

Pick #7 San Francisco  49ers – A

The 49ers selected DeForest Buckner, Defensive end out of Oregon. This selection gives the team a real replacement for Alex Smith who retired at the end of the 2014 season. He also played with last years first round pick Arik Armstead on the 2014 Oregon National Championship runner up defensive line.

Pick #8 Tennessee Titans – A

This pick was passed around quite a few times before it ended up with the Titans. It went from Miami, to Philly, to Cleveland, before ending up with the Titans. With this pick the Titans selected Offensive tackle Jack Conklin from Michigan State. This pick will help solidify the protection for last year’s top pick Marcus Mariota.

Pick #9 Chicago Bears – D

With the first major reach of the draft the Bears selected pass rusher Leonard Floyd out of the University of Georgia. He may be tall but he is not built big enough to bully his was through an offensive line. However he should fit well opposite McPhee in the linebacking core if they play him there. He may not have been worth giving up an extra pick in what is considered to be a deep draft.

Pick #10 New York Giants – B

The Giants selected the third best corner in the draft, Eli Apple out of Ohio State. They play in a division with Dez Bryant and with the league being so focused on passing the third corner is now an important position. He may not be better than Hargreaves but he will still be a good player for the Giants defense.

Pick #11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – A

The Bucs selected DB Vernon Hargreaves from nearby Florida to help solidify their defensive backfield. They were also able to trade back and acquire another pick in a deep draft. This pick, if used wisely, could help set the team up for future success.

Pick #12 New Orleans Saints – A

The Saints selected Sheldon Rankins, Defensive Tackle out of Louisville. This is a great pick for the team that has not had a good interior pass rush for a few years now. He is going to have to prove that he can stop the run, but with his physicality and size he should be able to do this.

Pick #13 Miami Dolphins – B

At the beginning of the day if Miami had landed Laremy Tunsil here then I would have considered it a steal. Only 15 minutes before the draft started a video was posted to his twitter account that showed him smoking something out of a pipe. He has all of the physical tools to be a great player but does he have the brain power to stay out of trouble will be something to keep an eye on.

Pick #14 Oakland Raiders – C

The Raiders used their first pick on safety Karl Joseph from West Virginia. He could turn into a good player but he is coming off a knee injury that saw him miss all but 4 games last season. When healthy he is the type of player that could replace Charles Woodson, but that is only if he can stay healthy.

Pick #15 Cleveland Browns – B

This is not only because of the pick of Coleman, who was the nations top receiver last year, but also because of the picks the team was able to amass by trading down twice. Coleman should add some speed and talent to the barren wide receiver corps of the Browns and with this veteran coaching staff he should be in good hands to be successful.

Pick #16 Detroit Lions – D

The Lions selected Taylor Decker, offensive tackle out of Ohio State. Protecting the QB is an important thing for a team to do and Decker will do a fine job of that but there are bigger needs on this team. Calvin Johnson retired at the end of last season and that left the team without a number 1 receiver. Drafting someone like Laquan Treadwell or Josh Doctson would have been perfect in this spot.

Pick #17 Atlanta Falcons – B

Keanu Neal, safety out of Florida, was the pick for the Falcons. He can play linebacker and considering this is a major need for the team and he can also provide a playmaker for the team.

Pick #18 Indianapolis Colts – A

The Colts went for the best possible choice at a position of extreme need when the selected center Ryan Kelly out of Alabama. Protecting Andrew Luck was an issue last year that ended up with Luck missing a lot of the season.

Pick #19 Buffalo Bills – A

The team was one of the worst in the league when it came to rushing the passer last season. Shaq Lawson out of Clemson should be a great solution to this pass rushing issue and he will fit in for Mario Williams who left in free agency.

Pick #20 New York Jets – A

With this selection the Jets took Ohio State Linebacker Darron Lee. The team has lacked a little of the outside pass rush and linebacker pass coverage in recent years and Lee would fit both of those situations perfectly.

Pick #21 Houston Texans – B

The Redskins traded this pick to Houston on draft night and the Texans took Wide Receiver Will Fuller from Notre Dame. He is a deep threat with blazing speed. He has had issues running tight routes but that is going to be more of DeAndre Hopkins’ area anyway.

Pick #22 Washington Redskins – A

The ‘Skins kept the wideouts running off the board by selecting Josh Doctson from TCU. He has been considered to be the best receiver of the draft and the team will need him to prove that in a few years. Until then he can mature and learn the pro game behind veterans Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon.

Pick #23 Minnesota Vikings – A

The Vikings gave quarterback Teddy Bridgewater his first big target. They drafted big, physical receiver Laquon Treadwell from Mississippi. He is a steal at this point in the draft and should provide the strong game that the Vikings need to open their new stadium.

Pick #24 Cincinnati Bengals – D

The Bengals took yet another DB in the first round when they selected William Jackson III out of Houston. They completely ignored the issues in the offensive line and wide receiver positions. Maybe this one will actually prove he should be worth this high of a pick.

Pick #25 Pittsburg Steelers – B

They needed a strong DB after being burned by players like AJ Green consistently. They got a solid one in Artie Burns from Miami. At 6′ he has the length to compete with the big recievers in the NFL.

Pick #26 Denver Broncos – A

Elway drafted Osweiler 2.0 when he moved up five spots and selected Paxton Lynch from Memphis. He has similar size but is considered to be a better athlete than Osweiler is. Lynch will be able to develop behind Mark Sanchez and when he is put in he wont have to shoulder the load thanks to the strong defense already in place.

Pick #27 Green Bay Packers – A

The team spent their first pick on Defensive lineman Kenny Clark from UCLA. The Packers are hoping that he can fill the void that was left when BJ Raji retired after the season. He should be able to accomplish that.

Pick #28 49ers – A

After trading back into the first round the 49ers may have found their replacement for newly departed Alex Boone. The team drafted Stanford offensive guard Joshua Garnett. He should be able to help not only in the running game, but also to protect whichever QB coach Kelly decides to run with this season.

Pick #29 Arizona Cardinals – B

In Robert Nkemdiche, defensive lineman from Mississippi, the Cardinals have an extreme talent. However there are just as many character questions when it comes to Nkemdiche who was arrested in December for a substance violation and also had an assault charge dropped against him. If the Cardinals can keep him on the field then he could prove to be the steal of the first round.

Pick #30 Carolina Panthers – C

The Panthers chose DT Vernon Butler from Louisiana Tech. This may not have been the best use of this pick with there still being a need at wide receiver on the team. The defensive line is one of the deepest positions on the team so it will be difficult to see Butler get playing time in the near future.

Pick #31 Seattle Seahawks – A

The line from their Super Bowl winning team is completely gone so by picking offensive lineman Germain Ifedi from Texas A&M the team makes the first real steps at fixing the issue. It may take a couple of years to completely fix but Ifedi has the tools and the coaching staff to become the cornerstone of the line.

RG25: The Last Resort


After a couple weeks of free agency it was beginning to look like the latest front office for the Cleveland Browns finally made their first big signing. A young Quarterback who has had experience winning with a team that was not very good. Robert Griffin lll was once thought of as the savior of Washington, however after running one coach out of town and having multiple knee surgeries he was forced, by the team, to miss all of last year. Now after not being heavily looked at by many teams in free agency RG3 signed a 2 year deal worth $12 million with $6 million guaranteed with the Browns. Both parties have the ability to win in this deal.

There is one easy way for RG3 to win this deal. Win football games and play well in the process. Then after the two years he will either be resigned by the Browns with a bigger contract and as the face of the franchise, or he will be able to re-enter free agency and command a larger salary with another team. This opportunity that the Browns have given to RG3 is possibly the final one he will receive in the NFL.

The Browns have already started winning this deal from the moment RG3 signed it. This is because the $6 million in guaranteed money is all in the first year so if the RG3 experiment does not work out they can cut him after a year. However if the deal does work out then the Browns may have just found their franchise QB at a minimal cost for the first two years of his time in Cleveland. Plus even if it does not work out between the two parties, it would give the QB they draft this year, they still need to draft a QB this year, at least a year to learn the offense and to get bigger, quicker and stronger without taking a year or two of NFL bruising to damage his confidence. If you want to see examples of a QB being played too soon look no further that the 1999 Browns with Tim Couch, or the expansion Texans with Derek Carr.

In every deal made in NFL free agency there is a chance it could end poorly, however there is also the same amount of chance that it could be a great thing for both sides. It may take a year or two to figure it out and the fans of the team must hope the players and coaches are given the time to figure everything out before they are let go.

Curse of the Lion: When Losing Becomes too much to Handle

Calvin Johnson

Sometimes in order to understand the present, one must first understand the past. In the NFL there are two things that fans can count on almost every season. The Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions are going to miss the playoffs. Combined the teams only have made the four times since the Browns were reborn ( Detroit in 1999,2011,2014, Cleveland in 2002). This trend was continues in the 2016 NFL season when both teams missed the playoffs and fired their GM’s, the Browns went one step further and fired their HC as well and only time will tell if Jim Caldwell will suffer the same fate. All of the constant losing make one wonder how the players are handling missing the playoff every year.

In Barry Sanders it was shown that, while he didn’t want to play for anther team, he didn’t want to continue putting himself at risk for a serious injury that would affect him the rest of his life. Because ofBarry that, he retired suddenly after the 1998 NFL season after 10 years in the league. He had been the Lions leading rusher during the ’98 season and was expected to help lead them to the promise land in the near future. Instead he called time on what, in 2004, would be recognized as a Hall of Fame career. He finished his career at 30 years old after averaging 1,500 yards a season and only missing 7 games during his NFL career.

Fast forward to present day when there is speculation that current Lions superstar Calvin Johnson is going to retire this offseason. There are many similarities between him and Sanders. Johnson is also 30 years old and has played on the Lions his entirecalvin career. He led the team in receiving this past just as Barry had been the leading rusher in his final year. The team has been unable to consistently make the playoffs, and when they actually do make it the season is over after the first game. Like Barry, I believe that Calvin Johnson is a future Hall of Famer. He put up numbers that are very similar to those of Michael Irvin who is in the HOF. He did so in fewer season than Irvin, which can be explained by the emphasis on passing in the NFL today.

The Head Coach Rush of 2016

The end of the NFL season sees many teams fire their coaches and start fresh. This season there have been seven open head coaching jobs and there is still one, Detroit, that could become open in the near future.

The Miami Dolphins job was the first to be filled. The organization worked hard to sell Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Adam Gase on the opportunity to coach the Dolphins. In the end Gase was given offensive play calling abilities and control over the 53-man roster. If anyone would be able to help QB Ryan Tannehill grow as a player it would be Gase.

The next domino to fall was the Cleveland Browns Head Coaching position. They hired former Oakland Raiders HC and Current Cincinnati  Bengals OC Hue Jackson. He becomes only the 2nd Browns HC since their rebirth franchise began play in 1999 to come in with at least a full season as head coach under their belt, the first was Eric Mangini.

The next HC to be announced happened early afternoon on Thursday (1/14/16) was former Eagles HC Chip Kelly. He landed the job of rebuilding a San Francisco team that was decimated last off-season by retirements.

Shortly after Kelly was announced by the 49ers, the Giants announced their new HC. They promoted Offensive Coordinator Ben McAdoo to fill the role left by former head coach Tom Coughlin after he resigned.

In the early evening on Thursday, the Buccaneers hired their OC Dirk Koetter as their new HC. If rumors are to be believed, the reason they fired Lovie Smith in the first place was becasue they were scared to lose Koetter, who they believed was their future HC, to another team. In the end they got their guy.

A little later on Thursday, the Eagles were reported to have an agreement with Kansas City OC Doug Pederson to be their next HC. We will have to wait until the Chiefs have played their final game before we get the official confirmation.


Black Monday

The NFL regular season ends after the final play of week 17. The next morning begins the day known as Black Monday. Many Head Coaches and General Managers will walk out of their end of season meetings no longer employed by their current teams. There are some teams who did not even wait until Monday to make changes.

The Eagles fired their GM/ Head Coach Chip Kelly with a week left in the season after the team failed to make the playoffs. They turned around and have already interviewed former running back and current running backs coach Duce Staley, although with his lack of experience and the lack of General Manager in place, it is unlikely that his interview is anything more than the Eagles fulfilling their required minority interview.

The Titans fired Coach Ken Whisenhunt at the beginning of November and finished the season with Mike Mularkey as their Interm Head Coach. It is unlikely that he will have the interm tag dropped after the team finished the seaon with a 3-13 record and secured the #1 overall pick in the draft. Add in that they drafted Marcus Mariota last year this could be a very attractive job.

The Dolphins fired Coach Joe Philbin at the beginning of October and finished the season with the Dan Campbell as the Interm Head Coach. Like Mularkey, Campbell is unlikely to be retained as the coach of the Dolphins. The Dolphins also mutually parted ways, fired, Dennis Hickey on Saturday. Sunday morning the Dolphins announced that Chris Grier will be their next General Manager. This will help their search for a new Head Coach start faster than other teams.

The Browns did not even wait until the late afternoon games were finished on Sunday before they fired General Manager Ray Farmer and Head Coach Mike Pettine. Now for the third time in the Haslam’s four seasons as owners the coaching/ GM search is underway with the hopes that the next tandem can last more than two years in their positions.

Those are all of the firings that have already happened. Now the rest are based on pure speculation.

The 49ers will likely fire their Head Coach Jim Tomsula after the team flopped to a 5-11 season. Trent Balke will likely remain in his position as the GM despite failing to provide the coaching staff with enough talent to win more games. With Tomsula out it will signal that the 49ers made a mistake last off-season when they fired Jim Harbaugh.

The Lions will end up with a new Head Coach after they hire a new GM. This has nothing to do with the job that Jim Caldwell has done, well maybe a little, with the team finishing with a 7-9 record, rather with the fact that a GM will want to bring in his own guy to coach the team. That is unfortunate, however with the likely abundance of jobs open this off-season he is sure to find a job somewhere, either as a Head Coach or a Coordinator.

The Giants Head coach Tom Coughlin is likely going to retire Monday after leading the team to their 4th straight post-season of watching on the couch. He has had a great run in his time with the Giants including two Super Bowl victories over the Patriots. He is going to walk into the sunset having been one of the most successful coaches in Giants history.

The Saints have a dilemma on their hands. Head Coach Sean Payton will be highly sought after this offseason and is still under contract next year, however he has not led the team to the playoffs in the past two seasons and has expressed his dislike with a rebuild. With an aging Quarterback in Drew Brees and a weak roster it seems unlikely he will return to the Big Easy.

The Colts Head Coach Chuck Pagano is likely to be out in Indy. He is out of contract and has been unable to agree with management on an extension. On top of that the Colts were unable to make the playoffs this year despite the division being as week as it was. The Colts may also elect to fire GM Ryan Grigson, as he has failed to bring in enough talent to help the Coaching staff win games.

A big wildcard this year could be the Bills job. Despite only being hired last off-season, there is a chance that Rex Ryan could be fired. There were thoughts before week 17 that the team had begun to give up on their coach. A week 17 win seems to have alleviated some of the pressure on Ryan, although the step backwards that the defense took is not a good sign especially with Ryan being a defensive coach. Because of that his tenure with the Bills could come to a quick end.

So Ends the Streaks

The past week has seen two of the greatest streaks of the year end and by the end there could be a third great streak fall.


The Golden State Warriors lost to the Milwaukee Bucks 108-95 on Saturday night. That ended the Warriors perfect 24-0 start to the season which is absolutely impressive especially with the last six of those wins coming on the road. While everyone knew this was coming it was still nice to wonder how long Steph Curry and co. could keep it going. Now the Warriors can focus on other accomplishments for the season, such as the 72 win mark set by the ’95-’96 Chicago Bulls or to be repeat Larry O’Brian Trophy recipients.

Patty Kane

On Wednesday night in Chicago another streak, this one quite possibly more impressive, was ended. No it was not the World Series drought. Chicago Blackhawks star Right Wing Patrick Kane had his 26 game point streak ended with a 3-0 defeat to the Colorado Avalanche. I think this streak was more impressive because in hockey it is still difficult to score goals, so for a player to either score a goal or assist on a teammate’s goal for 26 games straight is amazing. Even more impressive is the American broke the old record for longest point streak all the way back on November 28th with his 19th game with a point in a 2 point outing against the Los Angeles Kings. This streak did help draw interest to the NHL with highlights even showing on SportsCenter.


The end of this week could feature the ending of yet another streak in one of the major sports. In the NFL, the Carolina Panthers take on a team that has ended perfection before, the New York Giants. Do I think that it is possible that this will happen, not a chance. Most of the time there just seems to be a different Eli Manning on the field when the Giants take on an unbeaten team. That being said, with the way that Cam Newton and the rest of this team are playing, and coming off a 38-0 drubbing of the Atlanta Falcons, I think the Carolina Panthers are going to remain undefeated through the rest of the regular season. I think they will end up losing eventually though. I think they will lose their playoff game in the NFC Divisional Round.