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Running to the Exit

This past week has seen three major college football announcements coming from big name running backs. Two were from running backs who realize that their money making future is fleeting, while the other featured a running back who is too naïve to realize the best thing to do. Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey deciding to end their college careers and Nick Chubb decided he would return to school next season.

One major reason would be to arrive to the NFL Combine and their individual Pro-Days healthy. Fournette should have stopped in the early part of the season when he injured his left ankle. After sitting out for a couple weeks, he returned to play the rest of the season at about 80% of his normal strength. For him to play in the Citrus Bowl would be to jeopardize his future ability to provide for himself. McCaffrey ending his career before Stanford plays in the Sun Bowl follows suit by attempting to prevent an injury that could end his career.

In times as recent as last year’s Bowl season potential top picks have suffered injuries that put their career at risk. Potential top 10 pick Jaylon Smith, linebacker out of Notre Dame suffered nerve damage in his knee. Not only did this injury cause his career to be put in jeopardy, but it eventually led to him falling out of the first round and caused him to lose out on tens of millions of dollars and a potential year in his rookie contract.

One former running back who did not fare so well after sustaining injuries in college is former South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore. He was one of the best runner in the country before his first knee injury. Instead of forgoing the rest of his college career and making money with his talents, he returned to college and sustained a second horrific knee injury. After this he was a late round pick the San Francisco 49ers and spent most of his professional career as a practice squad player or reserve running back. A far cry from the level he could have been without the extra injury picked up in college.

One player who should follow in the footsteps of Fournette and McCaffrey is University of Georgia running back Nick Chubb. After seeing his production drop this season due to a serious knee injury in 2015, Chubb should leave his senior season on the table and enter the NFL Draft. He risks wasting his talent in college the way that Lattimore did by staying too long.

Running backs have a certain amount of rushes that their body can take, which is why it is absolutely insane for them to stay in college any longer than they have to. There is a window of three to four years for most running backs to make their money in the NFL. In the end, you can always go back to college but you can not reclaim a career lost to injuries.

The Eagle Will Soar


The rain seemed like it meant a little more as the clock wound down on Reinhardt University’s crushing 42-24 defeat to the St. Francis Cougars, heads hung low. However after a year like the one we had they should be raised in pride! For a fourth year program to make it to the Semi-Finals of the NAIA national tournament takes a special group of guys!

The early parts of the game were a tightly contested affair, with only a few touchdowns having been scored. After that a few costly mistakes, namely penalties, gave the Cougars the late 1st half lead of 21-7. After a pass interference call on the final play of the half, Reinhardt kicked a field goal from the 6 yard line on their untimed down to end the half 21-10. There was still plenty of hope amongst the supporters that the game could be turned around.

When the teams came out in the second half, Reinhardt drove down the field after receiving the kick. However the drive stalled out at the four yard line and the Eagles turned the ball over on downs. The next play was a killer as the Cougars broke off a 96  yard touchdown run to turn what was nearly a 21-17 game into a 28-10. After that it seemed as if the life had been sucked out of the RU sidelines.

The Eagles kept fighting, but to no avail as the Cougars of St. Francis just seemed to have more in the tank as the score got more and more out of hand.

One great testament to the leaders on this team is the fact that even though the game appeared to be out of reach by the time the rain started falling midway through the 4th quarter, the Eagles never stopped trying to win the game!

I have never been more proud to be a Reinhardt Eagle! It is very difficult to win 13 straight games, but now the work begins again! Good luck to the 16 seniors as they end their college careers. It is a shame it did not end in glory, but not everything does. All that matters is that you keep putting your best foot forward!

I know I speak from all of us here at  Reinhardt when I say congratulations on the fantastic 2016 season! Go Eagles!

Dawg Gone


Fifteen long years. That is how long the University of Georgia had Mark Richt as their head football coach. After the regular season however UGA fired Richt after a 9-3 season. If he ends up coaching and winning the Bowl game that Georgia ends up in then he would add a tenth season out of his fifteen where he led them to a ten win season. I do not think that the firing of Richt was a good idea.

Georgia fired a coach who is a known quantity and are bringing in a coach in Kirby Smart who does not have head coaching experience. While Smart has a history at UGA, was a Defensive Back from 1995-1998 and in 2005 he was back at UGA as the running backs coach. He spent a year in the NFL as the Dolphins safeties coach. Most of his coaching career has been spent under Nick Saban and I think that it could set him up for success. UM

The unsurprising part is that after only three days on the market, Mark Richt already found a new head coaching job. The University of Miami, Richt’s alma mater, landed just the coach that they needed. A coach of his pedigree is just what the Hurricanes needed. After firing Al Golden in October I figured the Hurricanes were going to hire a coordinator who had no experience as a head coach. I could not have imagined that such a good coach with strong ties to the school would ever drop into their lap like this.